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Social Media Marketing Coach for SEO

The following is an overview from a conversation I had with a potential social media marketing client. She had replied to a message by email after responding to a multi-level marketing agent in one of my Facebook Marketing groups.

I had posted a screen shot of my Facebook Ad App showing a Facebook Video Ad relevancy score of 10 with just a few cents per engagement. She was looking for consulting for her social media marketing (SMM) and copied my Facebook note with her reply.

Facebook Ad App showing a Facebook Video Ad relevancy score of 10 with just a few cents per engagement.


When I consult on SMM, I’m not contenting to just take over the project and charge more than a client should have to pay. In social media, followers expect what the name states; they expect to be social. And who better to represent a brand than the founder or employees who are at ground zero every day?

Social Media Marketing Must Be Social

There have been clients where the most appropriate action they could take for their voice was to let an expert handle it. In some cases that meant put it on life support and train a few energetic staff. Social media marketing coaching is where I have the most fun! You would think I’d not want to share my secrets and just keep taking your money every month, but when I provide social media marketing coaching, I understand that I’m not your in house marketer. I’m here to get in, get your people working through the algorithms and reaching your paying clients without looking too “spammy.”

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Quarterly Tune-Ups

I appreciate a client who comes to me to learn how to manage the “manageable” portion of their own Marketing. I also encourage they come back for adjustments or deeper growth as they observe the success from our last meeting. I call this a quarterly tune-up, and my former clients enjoy a steeply discounted hourly rate for these services.

Below is a snapshot of what it looks like to work with me. If you don’t want to learn or deal with any of this, that’s why I have a team. We can be totally hands on so you can concentrate on running your business instead of trying to be an expert at ours.

Social Media Marketing Tools

If you don’t know and use these tools suggested, I encourage you to invest as much time as you can before throwing any more money at a Facebook ad campaign that is not working. I’d give the same advice in having a content marketing strategy before spending countless hours typing and posting away.

Content Marketing From Agency to Client

Here is our communication; I think it will help you understand if we can help:

“Hello!! You asked these on FB but I’m not on the same level yet…”

Social Media Marketing Coach: Ohh, yes. Of course. But let’s find out where to start…

1) How are you targeting your audience?

Client – FB demographics and keywords

Social Media Marketing Coach: Try this: look over your top preforming five or six posts on your Facebook Business Page and consider what they have in common.

Is your audience engaging by answering a question? Are they sharing your post?  Are they talking with one another and debating a topic? Are they engaging most with videos, pictures, gifs, or reposts from common sites like WordPorn, etc.. What are the common actions that drive your engagement?

Have you installed your Pixel?

Client – What is Pixel? Software?

Social Media Marketing Coach: Open your browser and Google search: “How to use Facebook Pixel” and when you find the content produced by Facebook, watch every tutorial and read everything they put out on it. It’s a 4-5hr investment that’s free and worth it’s weight in advertising gold. You should already have read everything they have produced on advertising. Take note to learn the difference between “boosting” a post and the finely tuned audience targeting available on Ads Manager. Then promise me that you will never boost again.

You may want to consider also reading and watching everything that Hootsuite has produced on Facebook advertising. But word to the wise, do NOT use Hootsuite to post on Facebook. They won’t tell you this, but FB penalizes pages for automated posts. (Use Hootsuite for Twitter by tweeting articles, info graphs or valuable videos every half an hour once you have at least 40-50 articles in your blog/content marketing pipeline)

Social Media Marketing Coach – Are you also running Google Analytics?

Client – Not running Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing Coach: I’m sure you have a Gmail account; if not, get one. That is your master sign on for everything in the free G-suite world. For just $5 a month (through Go Daddy, where I hope you purchased your URL), you can get your business URL as a gmail account and have access to the whole GSuite account for doc sharing with clients and remote workers and all sorts of goodies.

Google Analytics are a must. You must sign up for them today and start running them. Google also provides free tutorials on how to use their products. Invest 8-10 hours learning the basics of AdWords and Analytics via their tutorials. Once you do, the Pixel will start making a LOT more sense. The cogs will turn and I guarantee that a big light bulb will go off and you’ll start to “see” where your campaign will go.

Do you have at least 1000 buys, or CTA (call to action) takers to run a look-alike?

Client – Completely foreign 😬😬

Social Media Marketing Coach: When you use the Pixel, you are essentially tracking the movement of all of your website visitors. Facebook listens and watches where they go and where they came from so you can better target your audience. That’s why a realtor can target an audience that is “likely to move” and why I keep seeing Lexus ads in my feed. They know where I have been. Retargeting by 1st and 3ed party data is how they find your clients and customers when you tell them the demographics you are looking for.

Social Media Marketing for SEO When Your Pixel Fires

Social Media Marketing Coach: When you get 20-50 sales on your website, or call to actions taken (maybe it’s filling our a form or giving you an email address) your website should send them to a “thank you” page. You give this URL to Facebook as an “event” and every time someone lands on that Thank You page (because they took the action you wanted, like made a purchase or gave an email, etc.) your Pixel fires. An Event was achieved. After your Pixel has “fired” at least 1000 times for this event (firing means it says “hey, we got one!”) the Pixel can start constructing a Look-alike audience. It compiles those 1000-50,000 users and pinpoints what they have in common.

If you have WordPress, search for new plug-ins for Facebook Pixel; they are easy to use and free at the most basic level. If you’d like help setting these up, please don’t hesitate to contact our social media marketing for SEO expert

Social Media Marketing Look-Alike Audience

Social Media Marketing Coach: This is where it gets fun! You can set the sensitivity level or “sameness” level to any percent you want from that list of users who took the action you wanted. Imaginae, Facebook Look Alike Audience feature agrigates all of the “sameness” from your list of clients and customers who have already done what you wanted them to do. Then they find everyone in the city, country, world even, who fit that same “sameness” and targets them to see your ads.

For example, 80% similar will get you more traffic than 95% similar would, but the 95% similar is most like those who have taken action on your site and are more likely to take the same action. They are, in theory, more valuable. You just have to run an A/B test to see if, say, the 80% group converts at what % vs. the 95% compared to how much in Facebook advertising you spent to get that conversion (ROI) and decide what % to target.

What is your ad budget and what’s your relevancy score?

Client – Budget is $2-5k per month

Client – No idea on relevancy score…

Social Media Marketing Coach: That’s a decent budget… go to your most recent ad. I like to get simple screen shots from my Facebook Ad iPhone app. It’s the nuts and bolts shot you saw on the video ad Facebook Page. It says “relevancy score” and is easy to find. The higher your score, the lower your cost to get in front of your audience. Tens are the mystical unicorn and no one I know in advertising has seen one. I honestly thought they didn’t exist until this happened. Eights and nines are fantastic and you should consider them great numbers to achieve. Agencies are even happy running 6’s and 7’s in many competitive markets.

I can at least give you a new total ad spend if you had an 8+ relevancy score. The savings should be what you throw at coaching to get there… then, in a few months you are trained up to run it yourself and see those conversions.

If you’d like to retain us for further assistance, we run about $100 an hour for consulting. If I’m on a monthly retainer, it’s usually much less in the initial learning period of a few months. I can usually come on between $1,000-1,500 a month. I always recommend reviewing everything you can get your hands on that is free, first (like the Homework list above) for obvious reasons. It also allows you to get your moneys worth when working together because you area up to speed with therms and ideas we’ll suggest.

Things that can be done with our time include optimizing your website or teaching how to do it yourself. Search engine optimization (SEO) Optimizing your website’s interaction with social media (Twitter cards, etc.) Helping you analyze your Pixel and Analytics data and giving you clear ideas to implement improvement. Marketing software suggestions (and everything I suggest is free or, like, $15-20 a month) and most importantly, targeting your audience.

I have to say, though, LuLuRoe is a saturated market and you are not in total control of your own business. The last MLM gal I consulted with became so good at her marketing that I hired her as my Marketing Manager. So… if you can get more passionate about moving products than the products themselves, there is a wide, wide world of people needing what we do in case you fall in love.

I hope I have helped.

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What is is like to work with a Social Media Marketing Coach

Call me sexist, but as a single women walking into a car dealership, I’m just expecting I’ll get a run around. Maybe times have changed, but I’ve only had one good experience (thank you Right Toyota in Scottsdale!) and finding a social media marketing agency is not that different. In a field dominated by men, we may be paying a premium due to the potential of being less tech-savy.

No one wants to feel they have been preyed upon. Not financially and especially not in business.

If you need answers so you can make the most informed decision while you DIY your own marketing or while hiring, I’m here to help. Ideally you will decide that WSC is who you would like to retain.

Our goal is that you will come to know that we are:

  • Serious business women.
  • Creative.
  • Number crunching, analytical nerds.
  • Good at what we do.
  • Financially Fair.
  • Honest.
  • We return phone calls & emails!
  • Deadlines are always met. Always
  • We’re happy to do it for you, or teach you how.

I work with business owners who have the same focus and dedication to their clients as I do and who are eager to achieve goals together without intimidation. No nonsense, measurable results and absolutley beautiful work. -K

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Kendra EJ Woodruff, Founder of Word Spouse Consulting, LLC