SEO Copywriting in Twenty Easy Steps

SEO Copywriting in 20 Easy Steps:

SEO copywriting:

  • Google search potential keywords to focus on for your search engine optimized article.
  • After reviewing the organic results, pull the URL’s from three to eight of the top ranking articles similar to what you’ll be writing.
  • Plug those URL’s into SEMrush, review the Pos., KD’s and consider the CPC if the client is running supporting Ads. Heck, I review them anyway because ranking a KD of 83 with a CPC of $23.00 kind of makes my year.


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by: Kendra EJ Woodruff

SEO Copywriting and Keywords

  • Select keywords from those results and decide if you’re going to go for the low hanging fruit (oh look, a cherry) or if you’ll cornerstone the big guns and knock out a two thousand word beast. If you are asking yourself “what is SEO, anyway?” You may want to click over to read more.
  • Depending on the social sites most relevant to your clients brand, analyze the graphics used on our previously mentioned URL’s. When appropriate, search for stock or original photos that have resonated well with our competitions organic reach.
  • The photos I select will often set the tone and cadence of my writing style.

SEO Copywriting Best Practices for UX – Headlines

  • Create a punchy (or click-bait or informative or…) headline using the chosen primary keyword and set your permalink.
  • If creating a cornerstone piece, get crackin’. Make a note to add the permalink to second and third branch articles after publication.

SEO Copywriting for Website Architecture

  • When working on a second supporting branch of the website SEO architecture, choose a cornerstone article to hyperlink up to using that articles keyword as your anchor text. If working on a third branch SEO copywriter piece, point to a second branch and cornerstone article using the same anchor text method.

SEO copywriting

SEO Copywriting for User Experience, Again

  • Write the way your target audience likes to read (“user experience” or “UX” is important). Be mindful of your H2’s and anchor text. Use synonyms as to not bore your reader (UX) which has been supported since Google’s Hummingbird algorithm release. Can I get an “Amen” from the cheap seats for that?

SEO Copywriting and Front End Design

  • If a standardized front end design article layout/design is not prescribed by the clients website, use a similar style that has ranked the competition.

SEO Copywriting to be Found on Google Images

  • Add your Alt text to photos using the keyword and those long, user friendly descriptions that spiders (and Hummingbird) love. Remember, you Alt text on your Pin will determine Pinterest ranking. Bonus points: Google Images pulls results from Pinterest, so make it pretty and make it count!
  • Finally, load your lead image, appropriately place CTA’s, place a Pinnable size image for Pinterest shares, size photos and test all of your links. How mad would you be after all this work if your pages produced 404 errors?

SEO Copywriting for AMP or Devices

  • Compress photos and videos for best AMP. If you are using URL link’s from YouTube, be sure you have optimized your video description there. Your JSON code from Google Console should pull it for you. Don’t quote me on that, I use a video guy.
  • Publish. Copy URL.
  • Finally, it’s Google Console time to markup schematic and grab your JSON code.
  • Place the JSON into the article. There are plugins for this.
  • Back to Google Console to index the article. No one needs scrappers hitting up your baby before it’s even pushed out to Hootsuite.

Social media posting time. I prefer to manually publish first run articles on the social sites. I eat, sleep and breath the social algorithms and consume their frequent chances like my life depends on it. My client’s satisfaction and ROI certainly does. Sadly, as a proud nerd, that means my life. New content deserves a fighting change to be seen by as many of my clients followers as I can spring. Yes, this means I publish the Instagram post from my phone and type out all those hashtags with my little finger. If you don’t know why that matters, you need me.

SEO Copywriting