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When choosing a marketing or advertising agency to represent your brand, you will be faced with many acronyms like SMM, SEO, ROI that may be meant to intimidate you into hiring a marketing firm without making your most educated choice. It gets even more confusing if you are searching for multiple specialists, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, content marketing writers, social media managers, Google search advertising (AdWords) and website designers. 

The Phoenix, AZ area offers an amazing array of digital talent, but what has been lacking in the online marketing and advertising pool is a one-stop boutique agency which integrates these six keys of successfully managing your growth. 


Introducing Work Spouse Consulting, LLC


a boutique digital marketing and advertising agency, located in Phoenix, AZ and working remotely throughout the U.S.. 

Have you heard the saying "never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing?" Bad advice and the trap that too many specialists working on the same project can fall into. Only by studying each component and making adjustments simultaneously with the other five keys can your business seamlessly scale as we drive your ideal clients to you. 


How Will Our Process Bring You Clients?

Your website design must be clean, responsive, SEO friendly and ready to scale. When it is, we integrate your social media platforms and start growing your following through content marketing. Each piece of content is artfully created with your marketing and search keywords using fine tuned SEO software tools.

In your early social media growth stage, we do extensive market research and testing until we reach your desired clients with precision and at only the lowest price per engagement.

Then, quite frankly, we throw some money at it. Conversations bring us more data as you make sales, earn leads or generate a better list. Only then is it time for pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Too many other marketing and advertising agencies get that backwards by advertising, seeing what sticks and fine tuning the pages that readers respond to. That is dandy for the advertising agency, but it's not good for your bottom dollar when you have five specialists throwing your money in the air to see what sticks. Our founder has been an entrepreneur for fifteen years, she's been there and she's not going to play with your money like that.