Social Media Consultant

What does a social media management agency  or consultant do?

WSC manages social media accounts and communications for businesses. We maintain the branding, culture and tone of your company and achieve your social media objectives.

Your social media consultant holistically manages your voice and brand with any combination of tricks up our sleeve, including:

Posting on the Social Media business accounts that best support your goals, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

As your social media manager, we answer social media messages within a five minute window and comments live, as to not miss an opportunity. Your social media consultant will teach you the basics of social media algorythems and assist your efforts with fine-tuning as needed.

WSC manages all paid advertising efforts, including Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, retargeting ads, look-alike audiences. Occasionally, we run Google Ads to support our social media marketing efforts in search.

There is much more we offer if we are additionally running your content marketing and SEO efforts.

What are social media consulting services for small business?

We analyze your social media accounts to know where you are, your potential and then we develop a detailed plan. Our consultatns show you exactly what to do so there is no guess work. You will be provided all of the tools and software you’ll need to achieve your social media marketing goals.

When you grow, we grow. Our goal is that your book gets so full that it make smore sense to allow WSC to manage your small business social media accounts and let you focus on running your business.

WSC offers social media consulting with as much hand holding, lessons, materials and data you may need to run your own social media. We are 100% certain that if you take our suggestions and implement them each month, you will see your ROI.

You are provided reports each month on the previous months progress as well as a robust “homework” list after monthly or bi-weekly consulting sessions. WSC will not leave you guessing, you will know exactly what to do each month.

How do you create a social media marketing strategy or plan?

Your social media consultant reviews what your followers have engaged with in the past.

Analyzing the landing pages of your local top competitors websites and identifying keywords.

Using the data we find from their Google ranking, we then review their social accounts and also note what’s working.

We create website content and SEO it for desired keywords based on data from competition. Content can be an article, video, photo series, or all of the above. Your social media consultant will work with our website design team and writers to create at least 2-3 landing pages and articles to support each keyword. If you are consulting with us, we can also instruct you on how to do most of the heavy. We can provide budget friendly support or create a robust social media marketing machine.

Longer content articles are then broken down into bite size pieces. This cuts down your cost and makes your content more likely to be read. Those content pieces are posted to your appropriate social media channels. Occasionally, we will advertise pieces to achive desired results; views, page likes, etc..

Some content will be best suited for some social media platforms, but not for others. It’s our years of experience and understanding of the social media algorithms that allow us to know exactly when and where to release your messages.

Social Media Consultant using creativity and data for ROI:

We measure results by running A/B tests again and again until we have a fine oiled social media marketing machine.

And… notice the “we” in this statement. This is your company we’ll be representing and it has to speak your brand and culture seamlessly. (Unless your brand and culture need to be resurrected from the dead. We like a challenge, but we ask you to adopt the voice we recommend. Those recommendations are based off of data, metrics and experience.) Our favorite rebranding campaign is The Phoenix Home Guru, who is now one of the top 15 Realtors with HomeSmart in the nation. Not the top 15%, the top 15 of thousands. Phoenix Home Guru are now the best Realtors in Phoenix, AZ.

Second to driving ROI, your social media consultant will help you put the “social” in social media to drive sales.

What results should I expect with social media marketing and consulting services?

Everything we do is to generate a return on investment (ROI) for you. Every word we write and post we post and comment has a purpose. We don’t wing it. Your social media consultant or manager has a vision and it’s backed by hard data.

Social Media Goals usually desired:

Lead Generation
Increased followers and page likes
Increase in social media follower engagement
Social media shares of your best content, i.e. “going viral.”
Brand awareness

Lastly, the one we insist on and quite frankly, we can’t work with you if you don’t agree… SOCIAL posts. Social media is meant to be social. No one is going to care about you, your company or brand if your social media and digital presence is a talking head. Bla bla, me me, buy my stuff. Nope, we deliver results for a reason.

Why WSC for social media marketing, management and consulting?

Left brain marries right brain and there you find WSC for social media marketing and consulting in Phoenix, AZ.

Creativity and data. We eat it up. Your social media consultant can look at a sheet of nothing but numbers and tell you exactly why customers keep leaving. Better yet, we see why they stay. Our research shows what website visitors next went to after yours when they didn’t get their needs filled. This fuels the social media marketing plan and supports those weaker. We repeat and grow areas that are working.

We are not afraid to get colorful with our messages. Play the videos on this page and you’ll understand that we can adapt to any tone. WSC is known spice up even those topics traditionally thought of as boring. Like I said, we keep it social. To do that, we balance the fun by staying in strict compliance in regulated industry; like the social media insurance ads videos here.

How much does a social media consultant cost?

We can usually get you in good shape starting at $500, depending on what you’re already achieved and time you can commit.

How much does social media marketing management cost?

A monthly investment of $1,500 provides social content production, follower generation and 2 ad campaigns and complete management per month. (Advertising fees by social networds additional at your choosing)

When combined with a content marketing and SEO campaign, a $2,500 investment does wonders. We’ll proof up our past work so you can make your most informed decision.

Some of our Favorite Work